I’m sure we all struggle to get back to that one email that’s been piled upon by spam messages and keeping up with changing schedules in the work-place, but I have found a routine that works for me that I thought id share with you.

As soon as I wake up, I do my usual routine of cleansing and toning my face, I feed my adorable dogs, make a cup of black coffee and head straight to my smartphone to check emails and messages for the day ahead. This has helped me organize my life or the past few months, and I’m sure will add productivity to yours.

Laptop and Tea

Follow these simple steps to stay ahead of the busy world of work.

1. Respond timeously

Once you see an email, respond then and there. This will assure you to keep up with clients and won’t forget about it later on in the day.

2. Follow up

If someone hasn’t responded to an email you sent a few days ago, (Luckily Gmail sets out reminders) Send a follow-up email to ensure they received your email.

3. To DO lists

Nothing helps me better than to-do lists. I usually write these down the evening before so that I know what needs to be done the following day with specific time allocations. 

4. Set up Folders

Specific clients/ brands can be categorized into individual folders to keep track of every email thread between us. This will save you time searching for that one particular email from months ago.

5. Check your Calendar

Our smartphones have become our best friends and business partner in this digital age and with apps such as Gsuite have made our lives much easier to keep track. I check my google calendar three times a day to ensure I am up to date with any scheduled appointments or meetings.