Have we been programmed to speak down to ourselves? Why are we so quick to look at ourselves in a negative light? To judge ourselves so harshly- because society has made us feel a specific type of way. It is unhealthy and this is where we need to pay the most attention to;

How to talk to yourself. 

It’s true when motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins (My new favorite) make statements along the lines of…” what you think, you become.” So why not make your thoughts the most beautiful thing about you?

This process doesn’t happen overnight. This is something you will have to work on continuously and work on rewiring your brain to think positively. 

I am guilty of this and for many years I would tell myself that I am not worthy. It is a twisted downhill battle that many of us fight, but as soon as you become more aware of your thoughts and can identify that you’re saying those things to yourself, you need to stop and change that thought pattern. Start small and be consistent. The rewards for your mental health will be fruitful.

Become honest with yourself. Open up to people close to you or in daily journal writing and express yourself. It’s ok to be vulnerable, I’ve learned that it brings us closer together.

My tips on eliminating the negative (self) talk:

  1. Every morning when you wake up, look into the mirror and repeat affirmations about yourself that you would like to and believe are valid.
  2.  Become grateful for everything around you, even the small things.
  3. Compliment yourself on the things you get right, and if you could improve on some, acknowledge that.
  4. Speak in the positive and replace phrases like “I wish I had that” to” I look forward to when I have that…”

Be intentional with these lifestyle adjustments and please be easy on yourself. We are only human and need to constantly remind ourselves that cutting the negatives takes work.