I’d like to tell you that my animal meat consumption is close to zero and, that I buy organic eggs from the farmers market every Saturday. But I want to keep it real with you all. I have always loved a good steak and have had my fair share of bacon in my lifetime.

Lately, I’ve felt that I needed to do my part for the environment. Not only by giving back but by making small changes in my day to day activities and now it’s time to clean up my diet and I’d like your help!

If this is something you’re interested in or practice,  please feel free to leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram as I love keeping in touch with you all. I’d love your input on this topic, as to how to approach this as a lifestyle change — more green in every aspect.

As it stands, my diet is relatively clean. A standard day looks like this:

For Breakfast:

7 grain bread toasted, one fried egg, smashed avocado and red peppers

For Lunch:

Seared salmon with brown rice and buffalo cauliflower and a Protein shake after a Barry’s Boot Camp workout.

For Dinner

Dinner ranges from a home-cooked Pomodoro pasta to a juicy sirloin steak and oven-roasted vegetables.

Going forward, I am going to incorporate meatless Mondays into my home and reduce my animal protein intake to once a day, either at lunch or at dinner.

I’m very excited to start this process and will write a follow-up post about the transformation in a few weeks to see how it has impacted my daily routine and lifestyle, and hopefully can convince some of you to do the same.