Throughout my life, I have attended countless gala dinners and red carpet events and in our work, it’s all about the outfit. There is so much that goes into getting ready behind the scenes that I’d like to share with you for your next big event.

Let’s Start with Attire:

Preferably, the outfit should be arranged a few weeks in advance (although my stylist and I have recently pulled this off in a day, however, I would not recommend you try this at home).

My Favorite Brands to Look at:

Once you have received the dress, it’s important to have a tailor come in and size it, so it fits your body very well and ensures that the length is correct. Usually, tailors can have your garments ready within a day; however, it’s always appreciated if it’s not a rushed job.

Glowing Skin Prep:

The day before I have any significant events I go to Joanna Vargas for my usual oxygen purifying facial to ensure that my skin is photo shoot ready for the next day.

On the day of, I prep my skin with Charlotte Tilbury’s revolutionary instant magic face mask, multi miracle glow and Magic cream. This allows your skin to absorb moisture that makes your skin the perfect canvas for the make-up application.

Charlotte Tilbury

Hair & Make-up:

For red carpet events, I organize my glam team to come over as to not stress over the finishing touches for the evening. I have a hairstylist, make-up artist and BTS photographer ready to create magic. I am very capable of doing my hair and make-up myself; however, I have the best team on board and Always love the process of getting ready, especially with my #girlbossteam that always has my back.

Red Carpet Ready:

After glam and hair are complete, you’re dressed and ready to go, one final check is in order, to ensure photo-ready skin complexion and that the garment is styled correctly. My stylist is always on a call with me before I leave the house and we make sure the look is perfect.

After confirmation from her, we are ready to go.