When ice-cold water hits your skin, the goosebumps begin to form, and your body is immediately jolted awake. Say hello to the best anti-aging morning routine: the daily cold shower. Upon taking a closer look at the science and research, there is a lot more going on underneath the surface of your skin.

The vagus nerve, which is responsible for multiple nervous system functions, becomes stimulated by acute cold conditions. To put it in simpler terms, your body begins to “rest-and-digest” while adjusting to the temperature and the stressful “fight or flight” response decreases. Results include a positive whirlwind of effects such as higher energy levels, a reduction of stress and sleep disruption.

One study reported by Cell Press, a publisher of biomedical journals, found that “cold exposure dramatically alters the composition of intestinal bacteria in mice and that this microbial shift is sufficient to burn fat, improve glucose metabolism, and reduce body weight.”

A cold shower will constrict the blood vessels, induce a release of endorphins, and detoxify the body. 

Not only is it beneficial to your skin, but it also promotes mental health. Look good, feel good, and start off the day on the right note!