Running from show to show, kissing hundreds of cheeks, stopping for photographs and soaking up the fast-paced energy that is New York Fashion Week.

To maintain my stamina for talking to hundreds of people, taking note of every clothing detail, capturing every exciting moment, and getting through the bustling traffic of New York in time, here are the top products I use while on the go.

Vitamin B12

Pink background with pills

Whether in pill form or via pharmaceutical-grade injections, B12 will give that boost of energy, improved memory, and positive uplift on your mood. According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, a B12 deficiency can lead to “fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, and weight loss.” Basically, all of the things we can’t afford during fashion month.

Matcha + Calm Pack Powders

Matcha and calm pack single use powders

Similar to a cup of coffee without the jittery side effects, matcha powder will give you a pick-me-up at any moment of the day. I use the single stick matcha powders by Jade Leaf Matcha.

While nothing beats a night of uninterrupted rest, sometimes you need a little assistance to reach that dream-like state. I keep tablets of melatonin or magnesium in my beauty bag after those long days when I need an extra dose of calm before the storm. I try to mix a Calm Pack powder into my water a few hours before bedtime.

Simply store a few to-go powders in your bag and empty the contents into your water or tea when needed.

RX Protein Bars

RX Protein Bar inside Bottega Veneta Pouch

The worst ever is when you forget to bring snacks, your stomach is growling and your mood begins to sour by the minute due to lack of food. I keep at least one RX protein bar in every handbag, just in case of any “hangry” occurrences.

What To Avoid

Sugar & processed foods definitely make the cut on the try not to eat list during fashion month. While everything is ok in moderation, sugar rushes can leave you with a crash, headache or breakout. Eating too much processed food can also stall and clog your digestive system. Reach for the foods that come straight from the earth such as fresh vegetables, juices and grains to stay satisfied for longer.